Soccer Passing Drill for 9 to 10 Players

Soccer Passing Combination

This is an exercise that Tobias Cramer presented at the International Coaches Convention Germany 2019. It’s a passing combination with four variations. You need five dummies or poles, 9 to 10 players and at least 3 balls.

The combination starts at position in the middle. A passes a sharp pass to position B. Then the combination alternates between left and right.

Pass combination over two sides for 9 to 10 players

Basic Drill: Strong pass – Ball control with two contacts

In the basic form, the players starts with a strong pass to B who delivers it with two contacts to the next partner, who also has two contacts to pass to the target player D. D then dribbles to start position A.

Soccer Passing Combination

Variation 1: Combination with wall passing

In the first variation, there is a wall pass between B and C before C passes the ball to the target player D.

Soccer Passing Combination

Variation 2: Combination with through passing

The emphasis in the second variation is on a sharp pass to the target player. Player C could also play a wall pass with the target player D

Soccer Passing Combination

Variation 3: with playing over the third man

In this variation, the players have to focus especially on the running lanes. After a wall pass of B with C, C passes the ball in the space to the third player E. Then he sprints to the vacant position E and shortly after that he receives the next pass. The wall player becomes the next third man.

Soccer Passing Combination

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