Soccer DVD: The Art of Attacking Soccer 1-2

Soccer Training with U19 FC Schalke 04 and Norbert Elgert

60031_ANG1_2_EN_3dThe Art of Attacking Soccer 1-2

Playing Directly, Quick Combinations, Attack Successfully, Combination Play, Forward Passing, Finishing

Length: about 115 minutes

Former German national coach Michael Skibbe wishes Norbert Elgert and Peter Schreiner good luck with their Soccer DVD: “The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer”.
He has written the preface for the booklet (only available in German).  

Topics of Soccer DVD:

  • Playing Directly
  • Quick Combinations
  • Attack Successfully
  • Combination Play
  • Forward Passing
  • Finishing

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One Example: Combining with the 3rd man

In this exercise, players learn and practice two important tactics of modern soccer: forwards crossing paths in front of a defense formation, and three-player combinations. This exercise is also excellent for improving combination play and coordinating multiple players’ running paths.


Basic Drills

  • 01: Soccer Ping-Pong
  • 02: One-Two and Forward Pass in a Group of 3
  • 03: One-Two and Forward Pass in a Group of 4
  • 04: Double Wall Pass in a Group of 4
  • 05: 2 Forward Passes
  • 06: 2 Forward Passes (+ a Coordination Movement)
  • 07: 2 Diagonal Balls
  • 08: One-Touch Pass Into the Path of a Runner

One-Touch Passing in a Triangle

  • 09: Passing in a Triangle
  • 10: Passing in a Triangle and Running With the Ball
  • 11: Continuous Passing in a Triangle
  • 12: Two Wall Passes With Change of Position

One-Touch Passing in a Diamond

  • 13: Wall Passing in a Diamond (Basic Drill)
  • 14: Wall Passing in a Diamond (Variation 1)
  • 15: Wall Passing in a Diamond (Variation 2)
  • 16: One-Two in a Diamond

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One-Touch Passing in a Square

  • 17: Diagonal Passes in a Square
  • 18: Diagonal Passes in a Square (Changing Places)
  • 19: Continuous Wall Passing in a Square
  • 20: One-Two in a Small Square
  • 21: One-Two in a Large Square
  • 22: One-Two in a Large Square (Changing Places)

Passing via a Third Player

  • 23: Passing via a Third Player
  • 24: Passing via a Third Player (Continuous)

Forward Passing

* 25: Forward Passing (Forming a Triangle)
* 26: Forward Passing (One start Position)
* 27: Forward Passing (Two Start Positions)
* 28: Forward Passing (With One-Two)

One-Touch Passing in a Square (2)

* Basic Drill
* Shorter Distances
* Clockwise Passing
* Longer Distances
* Combination with Shot at Goal
* Change of Starting Position
* Competitive Game

One-Touch Passing in a Figure-8

* Basic Drill, Including Running with the Ball
* Throwing the Ball
* 2-Touch or 1-Touch Passing
* Corrections and Tips
* Passing and Running at Speed
* Double Wall Pass
* Finishing
* Wall Pass and Double Pass
* Decision-Making
* Additional Central Player
* Skipping a Line
* Skipping the Central Player
* Double Pass and Wall Pass
* Two Double Passes
* Shooting at a Full-sized Goal

Y Drill

1. Basic Drill
2. Continuous Drill
3. Shooting at Goal
4. Forward Passing/Crossing
5. Passing via a Third Player
6. Double Pass
7. Overlapping

Brazilian Combination

  • 1. Basic Drill
  • 2. Skipping a Line
  • 3. Double Pass at the Start
  • 4. Creating Space/Crossing

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