Seminar 4: Tiqui Taca (Tiki Taka) – Playing with the ball

Soccer Training: Passing in real game situations

The Philosophy of the Ground Pass – Seminar 4:

Tiqui taca  -The ball is at the center of our game

Presenter: Peter Hyballa
Director: Peter Schreiner
Translator: Hardy Fuchs
Speaker: Stephen Crilley
Duration: about 59 Minutes

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  1. Permanent ball possession.
  2. The principal idea is ball possession and passing
  3. Formation of forever changing triangles
  4. Why is ball possession so important?
  5. How do we train modern soccer?
  6. Examples of practices
  7. Tiqui taca against tiqui taca
  8. One-touch against one-touch
  9. Totaal voetbal against totaal voetbal

Soccer Training: Passing in real game situations

Tiki Taka - La Masia
Tiki Taka – La Masia

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