Precise Finishing and Passing in Soccer

Attacking Soccer Drill

Soccer fans all over the world love attacking soccer, with its fast combinations, spectacular dribbling runs and beautiful goals.

In today’s soccer, sophisticated defending concepts have made the playing space smaller and smaller, while defending and time pressure on the player with the ball have become more and more intense. With this exercise, you improve your player’s ability to play fast, direct and accurate.

You can organize this drill as a competition, with more than one team. Count the passes through the goal. Who will score more goals under pressure of time?

Attacking Soccer DrillOrganization: Rhombus with 5 – 6 players, 1 ball, 4 cones outside and a pass goal 


  1. A passes diagonally to D (1)
  2. drops the ball to B (2) 
  3. B passes directly to C (3) 
  4. C plays a wall pass with D (4 and 5) 
  5. C plays through the passing goal to E (6) 

Coaching Tips: 

  1. If you want to do a group competition, set up the drill for more teams and count the passes through the passing goal. Which group scores the most goals?
  2. Precise passing and combination play 
  3. Do not pass to the cones, instead into space and around the cones