ONLINE-BOOK „Pressing in Soccer“

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Preface of the Online-Book:

Ralf Peter

Ralf Peter (DFB-Coach and Teacher)


Dear  Coaches!

There is a lot of interest in my coaching courses when it comes to „Zonal Defending“, especially the topic of „Pressing“.
The participants have lots of questions with regards to the topics and they pay close attention during the course.
My online-seminar series on „Zonal Defending“ in cooperation with deals with „Pressing“ over a total of six components within the series.
Feedback from participants indicated that there is an enormous interest in making the content of the online seminars available in E-Books where coaches have easy access to notes.
Therefore, I decided to write this E-Book to provide coaches with as much detailed information on „Pressing in Soccer“ as possible.
I wish all coaches the best of success with regards to Pressing when working with their respective teams!
Ralf Peter

Online-Book Pressing in Soccer

Online-Book Pressing in Soccer

ONLINE-BOOK „Pressing in Soccer“


Author: Ralf Peter
Producer: Peter Schreiner
Cover Design: Dr. Marion Becker-Richter

Pages: 115

Price: 29,95 € 19,95 €

All graphics displayed in this book are designed by easy Sports-Graphics

Graphics: Peter Schreiner, with easy Sports-Graphics 5

Pictures: firo sportphoto Gbr


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