Continues Passing Drill with Overlap Combination

Football Passing Drill

Precise passing and combination play are basic requirements in modern soccer.

Both, the player with the ball and the receiving player, are under different tactical influences in every situation of the game. Sometimes an opponent tries to tackle you from behind, sometimes space must be created first before a successful pass can be played.

This exercise helps players to improve their combination play, passing skills under pressure and the ability to pass more precisely.

Soccer Passing Drill


  • 9 to 12 players
  • 3 soccer mannequiens in the middle (distance 3-4 m)
  • 4 cones
  • 1 Ball


  1. A passes to B, who is under pressure of C
  2. B passes directly to D and does an overlapping run . He is under pressure of C
  3. D passe s into the run of B
  4. B passes directly to E and takes the position of D , while C runs back to the Dummie
  5. E passes to F and runs to the other Dummie.
  6. F passes to H and does an overlapping run . He is followed by G
  7. H passes into the run of F a nd runs to the starting position
  8. F passes to I and takes the position of H

You can vary this passing drill by using 2 soccer balls.

Football Passing Drill