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In this section we share soccer drills and exercises to coach counterpressing. Since we want to simulate a competetive-like situation, solely soccer drills with opponents are used.


Counter-Pressing Exercise 6 vs 3 with a Central Zone

Organization: The red team combines from the outsides of the field with each other with the aim to target pass the central player. Blue defends...

Counter-Pressing Exercise 4 vs 2 at 6 vs 4

Organization: In the inner field (12 x 8m) Red plays against Blue a 4 v 2. Red plays with two possible touches. If Blue gains...

Counterpressing simplified – players get to know the dynamic of counterpressing

A soccer drill that displays a clear picture of successful counterpressing to the players due to the numerical advantage of players. Beyond that, the players...

Counter-Pressing Exercise 4 vs 2 at 4 vs 2 – 3 fields

Organization: Three teams of each four players are divided into three fields. The coach plays a pass into one of the outer fields. With...

Counterpressing Exercise 4 vs 2 with Change of the Fields

Organization: In a field (10x10m) is being played 4 v 2. If a blue player gains the ball, he transitions from defense to offense....