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Coaching Game Intelligence in Soccer 3

eVideo: Coaching Game Intelligence 3 Preparing to play and understand 7-a-side Soccer Author: Horst Wein Duration: 62 Min. In part 3 of this series Horst Wein offers to coaches...
Horst Wein - Game Intelligence in Soccer

Game Intelligence: 100 Benefits of Using Horst Wein’s Football Development Model

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdUARczESTg Horst Wein published his Model in this DVDs: More About Game Intelligence in Soccer
Horst Wein

Horst Wein – Developing Game Intelligence

THE IMPORTANCE OF DEVELOPING VISION SKILLS FOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS When Xavi Hernandez from FC Barcelona, best player of the European Cup in 2008, is receiving...

Horst Wein Challenges us to Rethink Youth Development

by Ian McClurg, Director of Coaching, 1v1 Excellence in Soccer “When you do what you have done always, you will never reach any further” (Horst...