You’ll love this!Winning Soccer Tactics provides a tactical analysis of every single game. Discover the tactics behind every team and the playing styles that now dominate international European soccer.

What’s covered in Winning Soccer Tactics

Winning Soccer Tactics analyses every game of Euro 2012, from the group stages right through to the goal scoring feast of a final between Italy and Spain. It looks at the tactics, playing tendencies and the frailties that were revealed in each game. Using screenshots overlayed with tactical points, Winning Soccer Tactics explains how goals were scored and the takeaway lessons for coaches. In addition, each chapter features drills for training your players in the tactics and playing style revealed in each game.


Winning Soccer Tactics is packed with insights on the Euro 2012 tournament, including:

  • How Poland created 2 v1 situations in their opening game against Greece through quick crosses and the turning over of Greek possession. This chapter also includes a training session for counter attacking in transition.
  • An analysis of Russia’s playing style against Czech Republic, with Arshavin, Dzagoev and Kerzhakov interchanging to exploit space and eliminate defensive opponents. Chapter includes three counter attacking drills.
  • How the width of Germany enabled it to vary its attack against Portugal, with Lahm wide on the left and Muller in the centre and Ozil sitting outside on the right. Chapter features a wide attack drill
  • Portugal’s Ronaldo, Nani and Mourinto punished the Czech Republic’s space in defence. This chapter looks at how each goal was scored along with a training drill for developing wide players that can provide assist.
  • How Spain’s relentless penetration tore Italy apart in the final after a poor display against Portugal. This chapter looks at how each goal was scored along with a training session for quick penetrating play.
  • How Italy’s Pirlo dominated its quarter final game against England through precise deep passing. Chapter features a training drill for developing a ‘quarterback’ player like Pirlo.
  • Russia’s defensive mistakes were punished by Greece. This chapter looks at how the Greeks used their shape and positional sense to emerge victorious to go through to the knockout stages.