First Cover Passing-Lanes – then Enter 1 vs 1 Duels

Soccer Drills 1vs1ORGANIZATION:
A passes the ball to B. With this pass, a 1 vs 1 duel starts aiming for respectively one passing- or dribble goal. If C gains possession of the ball, he is allowed to counterattack. Another transition does not take place. In the following, player A changes to the position of B, B to C and C to A

This exercise simulates a 1 vs 1 situation with the simultaneous covering of passing options. C must adjust his position so that B is provoked to use a dribble goal. Thus, C gains time to win the ball. The initially offensive player B tries through skillful feints to finish

In order to even focus more on the thematic priority: Goals scored on the passing goal count threefold. Goals scored on the dribble goal only one-fold

Sideways 1 vs 1 Duel

1vs1 Soccer Drills
A group of players in ball possession positions below a marked square. Two groups with players without a ball position next to the square (Attention: The distance between the red marks and the square should be exactly the same). As soon as a red player touches the ball, the 1 vs 1 situation starts. The player on the ball is only allowed to finish when he is located inside the field. In the next run, a yellow player of the other side starts into a 1 vs 1. Change after a certain period of time.

The defender must find the specific moment of time in order to stop out of a full run in order to enter the duel. Depending on the situation, it could be necessary to enter into a tackling. The attacker might possibly need to finish with his weaker foot or implement a skillful change of directions to play off the defender.

1 vs 1 Duel – Holding Possession of the Ball

1v1 Soccer DrillORGANIZATION:
B positions in the center of the marked field. A passes to him. With this pass, A is allowed to put B under pressure. The coach loudly counts down from 5. During these 5 seconds, B is not allowed to finish. If the 5 sec-onds are expired, B finishes on one of the 4 back mini-goals. If A gains pos-session of the ball, he counterattacks onto the two lower mini-goals. After the action, A takes over the position of B.

B shall intentionally protect the ball and either (depending on the character of the player) by physical play or by skillful movements ensure that the opposing player is not able to win the ball.